Come travel in my paradise. If you want to view it simply look around.

I wouldn’t hold out too much hope

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Stydia AU | Role Reversal

She thought that after a year in France, she would have been completely purged of him. And he thought he was over her.

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AU: Newlywed Adventures w/Stydia

      ↳ Lydia develops an interesting way to get Stiles to take out the trash

AU: Newlywed Adventures w/Stydia

     ↳ Lydia, during the realization she hasn’t stuck to one of her time constrained plans, drops the baby bombshell.

AU: Newlywed Adventures w/Stydia

 Stiles has a bad dream, but Lydia comforts him in her own loving way.

AU: Newlywed Adventures w/Stydia      

 The two go on a nature walk and inevitably get lost. 

AU: Newlywed Adventures w/Stydia      

↳ Stiles has to go away on a big investigatory case.

AU: Newlywed Adventures w/Stydia      

↳ After an argument, Stiles tries to get Lydia to forgive and forget.