Come travel in my paradise. If you want to view it simply look around.

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That awkward moment when you think about the person who discovered milk.




i am such a giggly mood 2day

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The Coyote, the Raven, the Fox. They’re all hungry. I’m the same.

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you and your perfect smiles are both timeless and never going out of style

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"It’s not just the places," he told her, scowling. "You want to be with the humans too." He scoffed, "It doesn’t make sense. They’re selfish and violent, forcing themselves on others’ lands—"

“We’re not so different from them,” she whispered wistfully, glancing to her hands. Soft, delicate, just like the humans’.

But his hands weren’t like hers. He had claws, sharp claws that could easily shred her and those humans apart.

Clenching his jaw, he tore his gaze away from his hands. “Yes, we are.”

She was quiet for a few moments. “…Gray-sama is violent too.”

He turned his head, snorting. “Only when you’re not looking.”

“Juvia still sees.”

“I’m nothing like them,” he snapped, and she paused, sparing him a glance. “They kill our kind for sport and trade, I kill for survival. They’re never going to change, and if you keep deluding yourself into wanting to be with them, you’re just gonna end up dead sooner or later.”

She stared at him, eerily silent. Then she lowered her face and turned away. “Maybe. But nobody would miss Juvia anyway.”

Gruvia Mermaid AU || Graphic was inspired by writer randomteenager (my sister, who wrote the fanfic preview above) and her eventual (not uploaded yet so motivate her!) Gruvia fanfic called Oltremare.


Every Person With Political Power

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  • Shaun:"Santa Maria Aracoeli. See those columns along the aisles? They're lifted from Roman ruins. Now, supposedly, this church was built on top of the ancient Temple of Juno."
  • Rebecca:"I like the ceiling."
  • Shaun:"You like the ceiling. Oh well, you are a fascinating traveling companion."


Some things never change ┐(´∀`)┌

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Youtubers react to TVXQ! Catch Me MV 

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